What are your delivery times?
We deliver from Monday to Saturday.
Office - 11am - 5pm
Resident - 11am - 6pm

Deliveries are made according to the most strategic route for the runner.

Do you provide same day delivery?
Yes, we do provide same day delivery provided if the successful order of a bouquet is made before 12pm every day. 

What areas do you deliver to and how much do you charge for delivery?
We deliver within the Klang Valley and the delivery charges are stated below

Do you deliver outside of your delivery areas?
Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver outside of our delivery areas for now. 

Do you do delivery on weekends or public holidays?
We only deliver from Monday to Saturday excluding public holidays.

What if my recipient is unable to receive the bouquet at the given address? What will you do to the undelivered bouquet?
If we are unable to personally hand the bouquet to the receiver, we will find the safest possible way to store the bouquet for the receiver to collect when they are able to (i.e. hand over to the guard post, hand over to a colleague/family member/housemate or place it at the safest spot nearest to the grille door)

Can I request for special assistance during delivery i.e. specific time or handing over bouquet directly to the receiver?
Our runner has a specific time and route to deliver the bouquets and to be on time, we can only deliver the bouquets according to our schedule. 

What is an undelivered bouquet?
An undelivered bouquet consists of an incomplete address, there is no such a person at the address given by the sender, we are unable to contact the sender or receiver. Flowers are highly perishable and we are unable to offer a refund or replacement, please make sure that you have done your homework and ensure that the address matches your receiver and that they will be around to collect the bouquet.

I feel like the bouquet isn't lavish enough, do you have it in other sizes?
Our bouquet comes in two sizes, you may opt for the bigger size if you are feeling generous.

The anonymity of sender.
The sender has a right to remain anonymous if he/she wishes to, however, if you really would like to know, then you may drop us an email at hi.peekabows@gmail.com and we may try and contact the sender to see if he/she is willing to reveal their identity. 

Why are the flowers different from what we've seen on your site?
Please leave room for slight differences for our fresh flowers because no two things that are alive will look exactly the same. However, if you really feel that the flowers are too vastly different, please drop us an email at hi.peekabows@gmail.com together with a photo and identification and we will try and resolve the issue. 

How will I know what flowers will be in the bouquet for the coming weeks?
We will have a preview one day before we start selling them, please do drop by our Facebook to see if our bouquet of the week appeases you.

Why is there only a bouquet featured every time?
This idea is the best at keeping the price of the bouquet to the lowest because of bulk buying. 

The flowers that I received do not look fresh or are broken. 
Please drop us an email at hi.peekabows@gmail.com together with a photo of the bouquet and we will resolve the issue from thereon.

Can I make last minute changes to the bouquet that I have already ordered?
Unfortunately, once we have processed the order, it would be hard for us to make last minute changes. Please understand that we have limited time to process the order for it to be delivered on time. 

Why is the price so affordable compared to some florist? Are there any hidden costs?
Our price is inclusive of GST however, you have to pay for delivery cost which is priced differently according to the area and it is not hidden. You will be informed during check out.

May I place a pre-order?
Yes, you may.

Will you process my order via Facebook, IG message or email?
We strongly suggest that you order your flowers via our website. We will be able to track the order and everything is in black and white.

How do I make payment?