Have you ever noticed that no matter how much effort you put into the care of your fresh flower arrangements, they always seem to look a little flat and wilt sooner that they should? You’ve done everything you can think of: you put them in a vase of water, sprinkled a little flower food in the vase and put them in a convenient location in your home where everyone will see them. Yet they still wilt and die within a couple of days. Chances are, the care you are providing them just isn’t enough.

     If you want your fresh flower bouquets to last longer and look and smell fresh for days, follow our simple tips below. We are going to share with you some of our expert tips that will keep your flowers looking fresher, longer, up to a week longer for most flowers! Keep reading and learn how:

Check Them Daily                                                        

     Check your fresh flowers daily to make sure they have enough water and sunlight.

Re-Cut Their Stems

     Every few days or so, you should re-cut the ends taking about ¾” off of them. Also check for any dead petals or damaged leaves and remove them.

Give Them Fresh Water

     Replace the water in your vase often and be sure to add the proper mixture of plant food to the water.

Keep Them Cool

     Fresh flower arrangements should be kept in a cool space, away from direct sunlight and any heating or cooling ducts. Fresh flowers will last longer when kept cool so be sure to avoid direct sunlight when choosing a spot for your arrangement.

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